This wikiHow teaches you how to get around your computer without using a mouse. Getting issues with your keyboard, mouse or even Logitech Options on macOS Mojave (10. 14)? Apple has a brand new policy that requires user permission for the Options software. Click Learn More with regard to help with the issue you are experiencing. Techno stream 

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Magic Computer mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, Magic Key pad with Numeric Keypad, and Magic Trackpad 2 have built-in rechargeable electric batteries. You can charge these devices by hooking up them to a Mac or a UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS power adapter using a Lightning to UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS Cable.The RollerMouse Reddish by Contour Design is a main pointing device which uses a good easy-to-access 1″ diameter rollerbar rather than traditional mouse and is designed to sit down immediately in front of your keyboard beneath the space bar.

Legion K500 Keyboard and M500 Computer mouse. Lenovo also announced a Legion keyboard and a mouse. The last version of these peripherals had the Con series branding, and I really like the newest Legion branded peripherals. Both add-ons will get RGB lightning. The keyboard is usually mechanical and uses linear reddish switches that will last 50 mil keypresses.